I think that the tired old “pretty cool guy” meme is a pretty cool guy. eh keeps going years later and doesn’t afraid of anything.

That’s why I launched A place to collect all the pretty coolest guys in the world. It’s a site where you can “ask questions” like: “I think Bob Saget is a pretty cool guy” and then vote on answers like: “ehs the father of the olsen twins and doesnt afraid of anything.”

So please go check it out. And add to it. This will be a valuable wealth of internet information soon.

Real testimonial:

if you or someone you know is into “pretty cool guy” internet memes, then this site is for you:

I dont know what a meme is

it’s like a joke that runs rampant on the internet


Jeff: this isn’t a .biz address

I’m uninterested

me: it’s got all the info about the pretty coolest guys

or it will one day

this will be an incredible internet resource

Jeff: it definitely does


why is “Pimp” cut off in your profiel pic

me: for the G rating

and to leave something to the imagination

Jeff: did you make this website?

me: a gentleman never asks and a lady never tells

are you familiar with pretty cool guy?

David: I am not.

me: it’s an internet meme
where someone says: I think Halo is a pretty cool guy. eh kills lots of aleins and doesnt afraid of anything.
so I made a site to collect all of those

David: I noticed when I went to the site.

me: the secret is the use of metonymy
Where ‘Halo’ stands in for ‘Master Chief’

David: I think it would be metonymy if “Master Chief” stood in for “Halo”. I’m not sure what to call the whole standing in for the part though.
I did enjoy learning about Jimmy Carter’s rabbit attack though.

Author: Daniel X

Heretic priest of the Machine God. I enjoy crawling around in Jeff Bezo's spaceship, bringing technology to the people, and long walks outside of time and space.

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