Pixie – A JavaScript Pixel Editor

As part of this amazing new game that we are working on we have an online pixel editor component. Right now it is a rough proof of concept. The primary goal is to create a simple online editor that provides the right blend of tools to easily create 32×32 pixel images which can then be saved locally or uploaded to the server. You can even load previously uploaded images, sweet!

The inspiration is Pixen, but instead of being Mac-only it will be available online for all platforms. Pixen provides a strong tool set and a great interface, but why be so exclusive about it? I know, right? The browser is the future anyway, and doesn’t crash as often.

Check out Pixie here. The idea is to keep it simple, there are only a few features missing from fullfilling every one of my wildest dreams (undo, selection, semi-transparency). For fun check out the JS code, it was designed with clarity and extensibility in mind. It’s a purely JS/CSS based editor, built using Prototype.js.

Editing images is fun!
Editing images is fun!

To get the images to the server they undergo an amazing (and probably inefficient) journey. Each pixel is read from the “canvas” and put into an ancient (late 90s) JS PNG encoder. That PNG encoder then spits out the image as a png data file which is then base64 encoded and sent to the server. The server base64 decodes the file and saves it to the local file system. Loading images from the server makes it even crazier! Since this ancient PNG encoder doesn’t load PNG data (to my knowledge) the server uses RMagick to read the uploaded image’s pixels and convert them to a JS array of hex color values, then passes that array into a load method back on the client. It’s amazing!

Have fun editing all those little images, and you can even check out the game that goes with it!

Author: Daniel X

Heretic priest of the Machine God. I enjoy crawling around in Jeff Bezo's spaceship, bringing technology to the people, and long walks outside of time and space.

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