Weekly Recap of 1 Hour Daily Game Jams

@mdiebolt and I review our daily 1 hour game jams over the past week. Audio levels in games are still too loud.

First 30 Days:

Week ending 04-14-2012:

I find that doing these 1 hour jams every day really helps to focus my game design skills. Who’d have thought that practicing something for at least an hour every day will make you better at it? Now when Ludum Dare rolls around 48 hours will seem like a 2 year dev cycle.

Some of my Favorite Contrasaurus Comments

one of the STUPIDEST games i have ever wasted 5 minutes beating…. and OMFG! 3700 BC? are you f*cking kidding me? the T-rex lived in the CRETACEOUS period. (between 85 and 65 million years ago) You really believe that T-Rex was still around in the Minoan’s discovered bronze? – anonymous

Dear anonymous, if that is your real name… It is a well known FACT that the MODERN TIME MACHINE (circa 1984) is only capable of travelling within a several thousand year range, so explain THAT. How can a DINOSAUR be brought into the FUTURE if it lived millions of years BEYOND THE RANGE OF TIME TRAVEL? – Yahivin

Pixie App Widget Test

I’m testing out embedding a Pixie app widget in my blog. If it doesn’t show up in your RSS feed try it on the main site.

Here’s a little platformer app that I’ve been making in Pixie. I started it a week ago and polished it up during TIGJam.


This widget embedding is a great way to share games created in Pixie with the world. Additionally, because it is an embedded widget, it receives updates automatically as you update your game!

Contrasaurus Launch

It’s finally here, the day we’ve all been waiting for. A Legendary Hero is born: Contrasaurus.



You are a dinosaur. The year is 3,700 B.C. You are summoned into the future to save America from the dark Communist forces that are amassing in Nicaragua. After you complete your mission and become the most decorated top-secret military dinosaur in history, you discover a terrible truth. Finally you seek out those whom you depend on most, only to have them confirm your darkest suspicions.


Experience humanity’s greatest dream: to be a dinosaur covered in weapons blasting through enemies. A carefully modeled and animated T-Rex. Six levels with beautiful parallax backgrounds. Five epic boss battles. A machine gun, flamethrower, laser monocle, and much more!


This game was painstakingly created with blood, sweat, tears, and HTML5. The core matrix transform library was spun out as Matrix.js. Additionally many of the core language extensions, sprites, sounds, and canvas libraries are working their way into The Pixie Game Platform.


Daniel X. Moore

Backyard Ninja Design (Sprites)
My Name is Wool (Backgrounds)