Pre-development status

Now that this project is about to start taking flight I decided I should start getting in the habit of posting what’s up in the development world. Eventually we may want to look back at these times and laugh at the ridiculous ideas we thought could pull off. Apparently I’m one of the main developers so I should have a pretty good idea what’s going on.

So far the game involves:

  • Characters interacting with each other
  • Characters building and growing things
  • All browser based with JS/Ruby on Rails
  • Characters can definitely have pets (most important game aspect so far)

That’s the gist of what we know so far. So what have we done so far? Pretty much nothing. But the discussion and spec phase of what we’ll accomplish is very much alive and well. I think this development chatlog really sums up the point of the game and our progress:

it's all pvp all the time
I thought there were creatures too?
probably, they might be players
what if you find a bear in the wilderness though?
what if you were a bear in the wilderness?!?!
then that would rock

Author: Daniel X

Heretic priest of the Machine God. I enjoy crawling around in Jeff Bezo's spaceship, bringing technology to the people, and long walks outside of time and space.

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