McGriff Sez, Real User Testimonial

Bark back against crime!

Have you ever had the perfect message, but then not had the perfect dog to bark it? Well now you have the dog at least. Hear what real users are saying about McGriff Sez!

DW: yo did you get my barkblast? cobrien: ya I didnt know what that was so I ignored it

DW: did you get my barkblast?

l77: huh? what’s that?
DW: it’s a message on Facebook
a dog barks it
l77: oohh
i’ll check
i haven’t check facebook in a while

DWdid you get my barkblast?

kbw: what?
DW: on Facebook
kbw: i don’t know what that is
DW: you should check it out

so did you get it? kbw has left the chat

It all started in early 1995 when an episode of a famous TV show was on TV. The dream was an Internet in every PC and a barking dog messenger service in every Internet. The rest, as they say, is a long story…