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  1. Hi there,

    Excuse the cold calling approach of my email but my name is Tony
    Campbell and I work for Apress (technical book publisher) as an Acquisition

    My job is to find talent who want to write books and get them through
    to the point where they have a book contract with the publisher. I found your contact details on HTML5 Rocks.

    I was wondering if you have considered, or would be open to
    considering, writing a book on something related to the HTML5 range of technologies?
    Apress has a massive wave of books planned for the first quarter in
    2012 (from February onwards), and these will target the HTML5, CSS, JS,
    JQuery development community. We are seeking authors to write all levels of
    books, from beginner through to expert level, as well as some ‘cool projects’
    style books – maybe on games (mobile especially has massive potential).

    We actually did have one book on Advanced HTML5 games planned that
    almost went into production but at the last minute the authors pulled out. So,
    that particular publishing slot is already available for a similar book.
    However, any ideas in this dev space are worth discussing.

    So, if this is of interest to you I’d love to hear back from you.

    Tony Campbell
    Acquisitions Editor
    Apress Inc.


  2. I have a complaint about your game “Contrasaurus.” I’ve played through the whole game now, and at no point did the game tell me to “just say no” to drugs. Like most people, I have questionable judgment. However, unlike most people, I have a browser with decent HTML5 support. I’m now worried — based on this irresponsible omission of yours — that I am now at risk for thinking drugs are “okay,” or even “cool.” And what of my less tech-savvy friends? What happens when they update their browsers? How many lives might end up at risk?


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