BarCamp SD 5 Recap

Lots of amazing presentations at BarCamp.

I gave a presentation on using HotRuby and jQuery to allow you to use Ruby as a scripting language. It turned out pretty well. A lot of people were interested and no one walked out in disgust, so I’ll call it a success.

I was also coaxed into giving an intro to Ruby presentation by popular demand. I think that it helped a lot of people gain an understanding of Ruby. Give it a try: Try Ruby! (in your browser)

I really enjoyed attending the wide range of talks. Some of my favorites:

  • Meta-procedural Political Processes – Organization techniques to facilitate democratic decision making.
  • Improv! – A short interactive improv class. “Who let you in?”
  • People Hacking 2 – A brief overview of neuro-linguistic programming.
  • Communication – Tips on improving your speaking skills.
  • Emergence – How complex systems emerge from simple rules.
  • Ethnography – How to study the behavior and work flow of people.
  • Pictures that Think – How technology is affecting our use of imagery.
  • Intro to Python – I’ve always wanted to learn more Python.
  • Making music with SchemeImpromptu
  • Hadoop and BigTable style DBs

The surprise winner of the presentations was on BigTable and Hadoop style databases. It was actually a reverse presentation where the “presenter” put it on the wall to learn more. A couple people who attended had experience with that type of database and shared their experiences with the trade-offs involved with the group. It turned into an interesting discussion with questions from the attendees with less experience and learning the general principles from multiple experienced users in an open discussion. It was a really engaging way to learn!

Overall BarCamp was a great success. I’ll have to make a regular habit of attending.

Author: Daniel X

Heretic priest of the Machine God. I enjoy crawling around in Jeff Bezo's spaceship, bringing technology to the people, and long walks outside of time and space.

2 thoughts on “BarCamp SD 5 Recap”

  1. you don’t have any examples in your presentation :/
    i had hoped to see a jquery ajax request via hotruby, since i can’t get this to work, at least the proc for the finished request gets never called.
    (but procs for keypress events etc. get called)

    could you give an example on how to accomplish this ?


  2. You’re right about the examples… I only have that default one on the page. I suppose I should mention that this project is still in a very alpha stage and not ready for prime time consumption.

    I’m working on expanding the test suite to find out exactly what works and what is broken. If you can provide some QUnit test demonstrating how HotRuby currently deviates from the expected behavior that would be a great help to me as well as other potential users.

    I’ll update with another blog post once I have made some more progress.



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