"I take care of the place while The Master is away" said torgo.rb

I just released the pre-alpha version torgo on RubyForge. It currently probably only works on linux, I need to figure out how to create the bin file appropriately. Also it currently only works with wine running uTorrent, or straight uTorrent on Windows.

So what’s it do?

I’m glad I asked… usage:

>torgo Manos the Hands of Fate

This searches a popular torrent indexing site with your query (soon to be many), downloads the first torrent file (soon to be best), and starts the uTorrent application (soon to be your choice).

It generally finds the correct one even though it is so simple. Eventually it will be strong, and it’s real strength will come when combined with other apps for download monitoring and playback. These apps might sit on a media center PC behind your TV and be remote controlled (literally!).

Give it a whirl if you have the patience and send me patches so that I can get it working on other systems.

Git repo here.