I’ve been on hiatus from programming recently and instead have been focusing on getting the STRd6 site up and running. It is now to the point where content can start growing up out of it like a fertile ground. Soon it may even have a forum. I decided to use Joomla to power the site, it provides many things I need and takes much of the trouble out of getting a site that is easy to maintain, cross-browser compatible, and easy on the eyes. I’m going with Joomla 1.5 RC3 right now, which should save the trouble of upgrading later. One disadvantage is that there are limited extensions at present, but that should change over the next couple of months.

In other news, my computer has been on the fritz for ages, it freezes occasionally, but only occasionally. After an elaborate and boring diagnosis I tried doing random things. I uninstalled my Programmer Dvorak keyboard layout and switched to the ANSI Dvorak; that didn’t fix it. I updated the drivers to just about everything. Then I tried updating the BIOS and that’s when it got mad. Reset… power on … blank screen … “Beeeeeeeeeep. Beep. Beeeeeeeeep. … Beeep. … Beeeeeeeeeeep. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeep. … Beep.” I couldn’t find that exact sequence in the “Award BIOS Beep Code” section of my motherboard user’s manual, but the message was clear. “Ooohhhhh Shhhhhhiitt. … Beep” was what my motherboard was telling me.

After confirmed, please follow steps below to relief.
1. Clear the CMOS data.
(See "Close CMOS Header: JCMOS1" section)
2. Wait for seconds.
3. Power on the system again.

Oh, I cleared the CMOS data (after seeing “Close CMOS Header: JCMOS1” section). Oh, I waited for seconds. Oh, I powered on the system again. It made it. How many times have you been ballz deep in your PC toggling a CMOS jumper? I might try another BIOS update now that I have learned the knowledge to fix it when I mess it up. For now I’ll just live with the freezing… for now… !!!