McGriff Sez, Real User Testimonial

Bark back against crime!

Have you ever had the perfect message, but then not had the perfect dog to bark it? Well now you have the dog at least. Hear what real users are saying about McGriff Sez!

DW: yo did you get my barkblast? cobrien: ya I didnt know what that was so I ignored it

DW: did you get my barkblast?

l77: huh? what’s that?
DW: it’s a message on Facebook
a dog barks it
l77: oohh
i’ll check
i haven’t check facebook in a while

DWdid you get my barkblast?

kbw: what?
DW: on Facebook
kbw: i don’t know what that is
DW: you should check it out

so did you get it? kbw has left the chat

It all started in early 1995 when an episode of a famous TV show was on TV. The dream was an Internet in every PC and a barking dog messenger service in every Internet. The rest, as they say, is a long story…

Air Pressure Simulation

Here’s some images of the beginning stages of an atmospheric physics program. It uses the ideal gas law to determine the flow of molecules from high pressure areas to low pressure areas. It still needs tweaking to get a less turbulent dispersion; currently the pressure swings are around 5 kPa which is quite a lot compared to how real air mixes on a calm day.

1500ºK - 11500ºK - 21500ºK - 31500ºK - 4

This begins with randomly assigned temperatures from 0 – 3000 ºK for each cell, then lets the pressure naturally disperse them. Each cell begins with the same amount of molecules (134 moles) and occupies 3 cubic meters.

275ºK -1275ºK -2275ºK -3275ºK -4275ºK -5275ºK -6275ºK -8275ºK -10

Here is another selection, with starting temperatures from  0-550 ºK.

The eventual goal of this physics engine is to get a more realistic physical model for games similar to Dwarf Fortress. It will expand to cover liquids, combustion, state changes in matter, etc. The model is based on cellular automata so each cell only needs to check its neighbors.

It’s Astrotastic

Over the Thanksgiving holiday I was able to begin play-testing my latest project. The game is a quick little space adventure where the players explore their damaged spacecraft and collect items before escaping. The rooms are on cards, similar to Zombies; there are a few fixed rooms to begin with, with the rest being dealt out as the players explore. Players pick up bonus items to score points as well as power-ups to make exploration easier. Once the first player exits the craft the others have a limited time to escape as well.

The play-tests showed that the game is quick and fun, but that the card and room distribution could be optimized. Also, allowing trading might be a good way to make the game more interactive without adding too much complexity.

The next step is going from the pencil-on-notecards prototype to getting actual art and shippable materials. With luck it may be available before Christmas.